Dans le monde
Down in the Old Dark Mill



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[Chants de lutte]
[La Russie]
[Dans le monde]

[Livre d'Or]

    Chanson de Joe Hill (1913).

Down in the Old Dark Mill au format MIDI musique 

How well I do remember
That mill along the way,
Where she and I were working
For fifty cents a day.
She was my little sweetheart;
I met her in the mill --
It's a long time since I saw her.
But I love her still.

Down in the Old Black Mill,
That's where first we met.
Oh! that loving thrill
I shall ne'er forget;
And those dreamy eyes,
Blue like summer skies.
She was fifteen --
My pretty queen --

In the Old Black Mill.
We had agreed to marry
When she'd be sweet sixteen.
But then -- one day I crushed it --
My arm in the machine.
I lost my job forever --
I am a tramp disgraced.
My sweetheart still is slaving
In the same old place.

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